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Hats, Headpieces, and Veils

Please note: The items pictured on this page are examples of past work and are not themselves for sale. If you find one of these designs to be of interest, please contact Laurie to discuss creating one tailored to your needs.

Pillbox Hat with Veil
Pillbox hat covered in velvet dyed to match costume, applied sequin trim. Detachable organza veil with applied sari border to match costume.

Headpiece of stuffed tubes of various fabrics to match the costume. Fabrics include dyed to match velvet, sari border trim, and organza.

French Hood, Tudor era (English, 1560s)
Veiling is changeable chiffon with an applied ribbon and gold embroidery edging. The crescent is covered in brocade to match the gown trim. Garnet glass and pearl beads are wired to the edge of the crescent and stitched to its face. Applied trim to match gown.