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Middle Eastern Dancewear

Please note: The items pictured on this page are examples of past work and are not themselves for sale. If you find one of these designs to be of interest, please contact Laurie to discuss creating one tailored to your needs.

Skirt, pants, and vest/jacket set of hot pink sari fabric with a silver and white border and accents. The pants are slender, with side slits to just above the knee, and have ankle cuffs of the sari border. The slits are edged with silver sequin and white braid trim. The wide panel skirt has an applied sari border on the bottom edge (self bordered on the sides). The short sleeved jacket is cut under the bust and has a vent in the center back for ease of movement and ventilation. The pillbox hat is covered in hand dyed magenta velvet with silver flat sequin trim, and has a detachable semi-circular veil of hot pink organza bordered on the straight edge with the sari border. (For a closer look at the hat, please go to the Headpiece page.)

Bra and belt set by Pharonics of Egypt/Dahlal Internationale
Picture taken at Jerusalem's Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN

Grey, black, and mustard patterned cotton "Ghawazee" coat with godets and sleeve lining in mauve cotton. Tab sleeves. Matching (mauve) covered buttons from top of the coat to just below the navel. Sides slit to hip. (Semi-accurate historically - good for Renaissance or SCA wear.)

Coin/bell belt by CostLess Costumes

Brown, green, multi, and metallic gold striped rayon "Ghawazee" coat with self fringe and coin trim. Both the sides and the back are slit to the hip for freedom of movement. Brass colored buttons from the top of the coat to just below the navel. This coat was made from a 3 yard "ethnic" veil. Full purple cotton chalwar (harem pants). Rust cotton gauze chemise, V-neck with bell sleeves looped up with ribbons. (Semi-accurate historically - good for Renaissance or SCA wear.)

Coined Turkish hip wrap by Bella/Dahlal Internationale

Bra and vest set designed/constructed to coordinate with purchased skirt and chalwar (harem pants) of silk scarves. The bra is covered with crinkled silk and trimmed with matching knotted fringe (both from a large silk scarf). The vest is of heavy rayon brocade with knotted tassel trim (made from a large scarf). The head scarf was made to match from left over scarf pieces.

Necklace and earrings by shimmyshimmy.com

Fantasy "gypsy" look. Split circle skirt and bra/sleeves set in brick red embroidered crinkle rayon. The sleeves are elasticized at the top and have an off-center circular cuff. Green crinkle rayon square accent skirt with old gold braid trim. Matching scarf (for hip or head) with metallic gold/green trim and applied green rayon fringe. Mustard rayon chalwar (harem pants), slit on sides, with applied black tassel trim. Wonderful for dancing! (Worn at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, 2000)

Coined hip scarf from Chandra
Mirrored teal silk vest by Alia Michele of New York

Renaissance "gypsy" via Istanbul or, "Fantasy Ethnic". Rust cotton gauze chemise with V-neck and bell sleeves. Slits on sides almost to hips. Beaded edging all around. The sleeves have ties and loops attached so that they may be gathered up to the elbow (pictured). Black leather "Renaissance Faire" bodice. Green rayon chalwar (harem pants). "Turban" of wrapped scarves with burnt orange chiffon veil pinned to the roll and tucked into the hip scarf. (Note: not at ALL historically accurate, but an interesting and exotic look. Worn for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, 2000)

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