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Please note: The items pictured on this page are examples of past work and are not themselves for sale. If you find one of these designs to be of interest, please contact Laurie to discuss creating one tailored to your needs.

Wedding Hanbok (Traditional Korean costume)
Traditional Korean wedding costume includes a voluminous skirt (chima) and a short jacket (chogori) usually terminating just below the armpits. It is generally made of very colorful silk fabrics with the colors red and blue predominant, and usually has sleeves of striped fabric.

This contemporary interpretation included the very full chima of natural colored (off-white) dupioni silk. The skirt started above the bustline and had over the shoulder straps for comfort and security. There were two jackets made for this ensemble. The chogori worn for the ceremony (pictured) was of natural colored silk jacquard in an abstract pattern, and the body was lined in china silk. It had calf length 'waterfall' sleeves and a full, trained jacket skirt of the same material. The neckband was of dupioni silk with a narrow fold of gold lamé trim inserted in the seam. The ties were non-functional (concealing hidden fastenings), and were also of dupioni silk. The chogori worn for the reception (not pictured) was more traditional, terminating just below the bustline. It had the more traditional narrow, shaped sleeves, and was of the same natural off-white silk jacquard as the ceremony jacket, with matching neckband, ties, and trim.

The flower girl's costume was made of the same silks and trim as the bride's. She had a traditionally cut jacket, with narrower, shaped sleeves and no train.