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Wedding Gowns

Please note: The items pictured on this page are examples of past work and are not themselves for sale. If you find one of these designs to be of interest, please contact Laurie to discuss creating one tailored to your needs.

Paisley silk jacquard dress, design based on an English dress from the 1770s-1780s. Applied ribbon work on the (acetate) satin underskirt. Hand dyed silk piping on the bodice seams. Organza and lace inner falling cuffs. The stomacher (front of dress) was dyed, embroidered, and beaded. (For a closer look at the Teardrop Cap, please go to the Wedding Headpieces page.)

Based on English dresses from the early 19th Century (1810-1820), this white brocade gown has a royal purple taffeta underskirt, lining, and sleeve puffs. The train is detachable and is also lined with royal purple taffeta. Applied ribbon and braid trim on gown and train.

A Tudor-era gown (English, circa 1560s) worn for a Renaissance themed wedding. Burgundy velvet trimmed with burgundy brocade and braid, underskirt of matching ivory brocade with applied trims. Sleeve detail at right. The sleeves were tied to the bodice of the gown to allow for puffing through of the chemise (underblouse) sleeves if desired. The chemise is of cotton muslin with ribbon threaded lace and burgundy embroidery on the cuffs and neckline. Faux pearl ropes were stitched to the bodice along with applied braid trim. (For a closer look at the French Hood, please go to the Wedding Headpieces page.)