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Five reasons to consider
a custom made gown:

Perfect Fit
A custom made gown fits like it was made just for you because it was.  Custom clothiers take into consideration not only your dress size but your proportions when they create a gown for you, and will work with you to make you look the best you can.  Typically, a custom clothier will make a muslin, or practice garment, to perfect the fit for you before your real gown fabric is even cut.  That way they can compensate for any of the little irregularities that every body has, minimize any figure issues, and make the gown of your dreams fit you like a dream.

Artistic Control
Have a passion for silk?  A love of lush, opulent fabrics?  A soft spot for lace?  The desire to have a little color spice up your gown?  A custom made gown can incorporate all of your favorite details.  Whether you want a sleek, modern gown or a lavish, historically inspired one, a custom clothier can accommodate your wishes, even when you change your mind.

Absolutely Unique
No one else in the world has your taste, your style, your figure.  So why should they be wearing your gown?  Why should you be wearing theirs?  But that is exactly what happens when you go to a boutique – you end up with someone else's dream.  When you have your gown custom made, you can be assured that no one else in the world will ever wear that same gown (unless, of course, you pass yours on).  It will be all yours to treasure forever.

Exquisite Construction
Are you aware that when you buy a gown off of the rack, several people have had a hand in making it?  There are cutters, and stitchers, and the people who do the beadwork, and the ones who do the finishing work.  Much of the work on wedding gowns is done overseas, in a small factory setting.  When your gown is custom made, you know exactly where it was made and by whom.  And you can oversee the quality of the construction through your fittings.  Also, most custom clothiers include details such as lingerie straps that are not always included in mass produced gowns.  And you know for a fact that no unethical labor practices were involved.

Upfront Pricing
Most commercially made gowns need to have some alterations done, even though that gown wasn't put into production until you ordered it.  These costs can range from $100 to $500 or more, adding as much as 25 - 50% to the cost of your gown.  As a custom made gown is made to fit only you, and the fit is refined through fitting it directly to you, the final price is the final price, with no hidden costs.